Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday dreamin'

Ahhhh, this time of year!! Just when we think Fall is the most amazing thing on the planet we are introduced to the magic of the Christmas season! The colors turn from red and orange to red and green and if you're like me you begin to dream about the things you hope to one day experience during this amazing time of year! Most likely many of us have traditions and things that we do each Fall and Winter, but if you're like me you also have a dream list of things you hope to do, see and experience at some point during these special seasons. Recently I was over on Simple Moments Stick (in a Santa hat, none the less) sharing a special dream that I've had on my heart for years now.
{yes, this dream has something to do with being cozied up in cute clothes!}

This point in my life is a total fresh start for me...I'm now totally unhindered in making my dreams and desires a reality. THIS IS THE TIME...the time to begin, the time to re-open the book, and bring out the planning pencil on how to bring these desires of my heart into real life experiences!

So along with the dream that I shared on Suzannah's blog, here are a few other things my heart dreams of experiencing.

It looks like a trip to New York is first on the list because I would love to see the Macy's Day Parade in real life. As you might see by what else I'll post on this list, I kinda dig parades it's part of that tradition thing again....but I've never seen a big, grand, like really awesome parade. I imagine being with my family, checking into a hotel a few days before and then venturing out in our super warm {and yes cute} East Coast winter wear to go watch this amazing parade!

Ice Skating at night in Rockefeller Center
So along with the Macy's Day Parade in NY, one of the things I would love to do while visiting would be to ice skate in Rockefeller Center. Maybe it's because I'm from California and I don't have snow or cold weather adventures that all these winterish things appeal to me! I can imagine that this experience with my family would be one that I would always remember and treasure.

Tournament of Roses Parade
What! Another parade!? YES!! I've grown up watching this parade on TV. It's a California parade that takes place every new years day. The floats are big, and covered entirely of different types of flowers and leaves. If that's not something every person in the world needs to see in reality I don't know what is!

The White Envelope
I debated whether this was a dream that I should share here or not. The reason being some of what is said within Matthew 6 I've decided to go ahead and share a bit about "the white envelope" because I know where my heart in this matter lies.
It lies in the giving and not in the hope, want or desire to receive any sort of pat on the back or accolade. I do not want that...
I just want to express how much my heart enjoys giving and blessing others.
I'm going to openly say that finances and the lack of them have been a part of my world for many years. This year life situations have changed, which means my finances as well as my opportunity to manage and distribute money in different ways has changed as well. I feel that, even though I'm technically working with less money than before I have a greater opportunity to share what I do have. That makes me excited! Let me bring you into this white envelope now....

Years ago I was asked by someone to put some of their cash in a white envelope and give it to someone they knew. Nothing was written on the envelope, it was understated, it was simple. The person receiving this envelope obviously must have needed this cash, so what a blessing it was I'm sure for them to receive this.
Here's the thing that made it memorable for me: the simplicity of it, it wasn't some grand envelope with fancy handwriting or a bow. It didn't contain a note or letter with who it was from, describing what this person should do with this money, or what it was was simple, and it was pure. Since the day I experienced giving this envelope, I've always wanted to do it again...using my own money. I'm super excited to tell you that this is scheduled to happen extremely soon!!! 

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Susannah said...

<3 I hope you get to accomplish all these dreams, dear girl!!! :-)

Leah said...

i love the white envelope idea and love that it gets you so excited to be the one doing so this time. your heart is golden friend! and i dream too of one year spending this time of year in NY as well. it would be all sorts of magical!

Cece said...

the whole white envelope thing is beautiful! I really love it and I would love to do that as well. it really does feel good to give.

Harlynn said...

I love the white envelope thing!!
Also, love the outfit!


Vicki Sturgiss said...

Oh it has always been a wish of mine to visit New York at Christmas. It looks like such a magical experience...especially for an aussie gal who's bunkered inside with the aircon set to high at this time of year!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

I love the white envelope idea! You are such an amazingly giving person, Shannon. :)

KelBel said...

Love the outfit, especially the sweater! New follower from the Mom Lovin Hop :)

XO/Kelly @ Our Cone Zone said...

I got to go look at the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center two weeks ago! It was decorated for Christmas and everything but the idea of actually getting to skate as definitely not an was a Saturday, so the wait was like 2 or 3 hours! Maybe some day..
great list though! :)
Oh, and you mayy remember me from one of my many blogs, haha. I have moved once again!
- Morgan

Regina Erickson said...

It helps me to intentionally find small ways to encourage those around me, which means I need to be watching intently. It feels so good to give and serve others.

Also, that owl mug is a must for my collection, where might one get it?

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I hope you get to accomplish every single one of these :-)