Monday, December 2, 2013

A time for quiet...

Sooo I'm just going to bypass chatting about that holiday that we all had last week, mainly because I'm glad its over (yeah I said it) and instead am going to continue right along. Did you all get a chance to see those photos I shared with you last Monday!?!? Ahhh!! They are still making my heart sooo happy!!

Lately life has been a time of quietness. A time where I felt led to do more listening than speaking. A time to remove as many distractions as possible out of the way in order to hear, absorb and take in as deeply as possible. Life in general has been good, yet with an overall feeling of rush, a dash of uncertainty, mixed with some pain and confusion.

I needed this time to happen to happen in me.

Overall I feel as if my pace has slowed. Yes I'm still doing the same amount, this wasn't a break from the physical, but a break for my brain and heart. I feel as if I've been hushed, but in a very gentle way. It's as if a finger has gently touched my lips and said "Shhhh, come and let me reveal this to you. Shhhhh, come and let me comfort you. Shhhh, come and let me teach you this. Shhhh, come and let me show you this."

There has been a lot of time spent in quiet connection with God, and also a lot of time listening and growing in his word and ways. It's always wonderful when you get time like that, but it's on another level when the world gets silenced and it's just you and Him. This is what my time lately has felt like. 

Podcasts have become one of my new favorite things. Each morning I get up I have a genuine excitement to dive in to the next one. Each time I listen I feel as if my heart gets blown up, my picture expands, my heart feels more....and then it receives another stitch of healing. Bit, by tiny bit, these messages are sewing me up, but never before more is injected into my heart. I'm never left with less than what I started, but with a deeper sense of love and grace. Some of my favorite podcasts lately have been from organizations or speakers like
 this, this, and this.

You might also remember that I've made a move, well quite a few moves over this year, but I'm now living in a small town that my heart has always been attracted to. It's a place full of trees, hills and what I like to call "real people" I cannot tell you how happy and content I am to be here. Recently during my free time I've started to take up walking, because it's something I enjoy and also because it gives me such a different and closer perspective on what's around me. It's another opportunity to take in and quiet myself.

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Susannah said...

I'm so glad you're finding peace and comfort in this season of life!

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

I just found your blog through Susannah from Simple Moments Stick. Thanks for sharing links to those websites. I usually watch Joseph Prince or Joyce Meyer. I find both of them inspiring and motivating.

It's lovely that you've come to a place of peace in your life. 2013 was a rough year for me and I'm settling into my own peace and quiet reflection. God is good and as you lean into Him, He gives so much more than we could anticipate, expect, or want.

Wishing you a lovely day.