Friday, November 8, 2013


So each week Harvesting Kale has this fun little link up simply titled Currently... where you're able to link up anything that's been happening in your life recently. The fun thing is that Randalin also gives these ideas on what direction you can take your post this week I decided to jump in with those ideas!

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Chocolate or the likes of anything sugary--this is of no suprise to anyone as it's really no secret that I like sugar a bit too much. I'm also always in the mood for veggie burrito's with lots of cilantro and onion. This craving I'm happy to report will be taken care of in a few short hours {phewwww!}

Although I know that God already has this incredibly kind, loving and ultra sexy man picked out for me and I will meet him in his perfect timing.... I'm genuinely really excited to meet this dude just to see who God picked! I just know and trust that he's going to be seriously rad, like REALLY RAD and I'm excited to know him, because of this. And really, who wouldn't be stoked to spend time with a "God picked" cool and sexy man who just happens to think you're the peanut butter to his jelly!
how much I love fall! Gahhhh! It really is such an amazing time of year! I'm loving the dark evenings, the warm blankets, the warm drinks and the extra snuggle time with my Jay. Also remembering my sweet Jay when he was just a little guy.
{I really miss this stage and tear up everytime I see this photo in particular}

spending extra time with my momma this month. She's pretty wonderful. Super thankful for her generosity and her heart. Also liking celery {what!?!} yeah it's this new thing of mine, it's just so refreshing and crunchy and I'm into it this week. 

nothing with celery in it! I'm still not cooking anything too glamorous all that often. This week will include a tasty baked and warm treat that will be decided upon by the man of the house, Jay. No we won't get crazy and do anything from scratch...I'm not there yet. Our treat will come out of a box and most likely only involve adding oil an egg and water, but yummy it will be and happy it will make us!

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kaitlyn hoffman said...

Such a neat idea! I enjoy reading your post.
I would love for you to link up with Photo Friday Blog hop that I have started and share your posts! :)

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